Mediterranean Oysters

MarNostra Grand Cru

MarNostra Grand Cru oysters are grown for at least two years in the Thau basin, using lantern nets. To obtain this premium result, the oysters undergo numerous operations from seeding to maturation.

These oysters’ outside appearance is perfect, with a thick, smooth shell showing subtle, nuanced colours. When opened, it reveals perfect, iridescent white mother of pearl. The oyster is fleshy, with a strong muscle, giving a firm bite and a satisfying length in the mouth

MarNostra Tradition

The MarNostra Tradition oysters are grown for up to two years in the Thau lagoon. They are glued one by one, by hand, to a rope that is then immersed for one year.

This traditional cultivation method gives the region’s oysters their characteristic shape. Fleshy and sweet in the mouth, this oyster is suitable for consumption at any time.

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